Hi Dense


Silver reinforced glass ionomer restorative, packable like amalgam

HI DENSE contains spherical particles of a silver-tin alloy in a specially developed glass ionomer. This glass ionomer has outstanding physical properties as a result.


  • class I and II cavities in deciduous teeth
  • repair of amalgam restored teeth when either tooth or restoration is fractured
  • class I and II cavities in selected permanent teeth
  • lining under amalgam and posterior composite restorations
  • in other classes of cavity when radiopacity rather than aesthetics is a prime requirement
  • core build-up material under crowns
  • on root surfaces for locating cover dentures
  • long-term temporary replacement for cusps
  • repair of crown margins


  • adheres chemically to tooth substance and amalgam
  • contains and releases fluoride ions
  • low thermal conductivity
  • the CTE is close to tooth
  • radiopaque, non-translucent
  • high compressive strength and hardness
  • suitable for use with minimal cavity preparation techniques (MI)

Material properties

HI DENSE is available in capsules with a new \"twist cap\" design to activate, therefore no longer requiring a capsule press, and are packed in re-sealable foil pouches to keep dry and fresh, or alternatively in powder/liquid form.
Mixes to a thick paste consistency.

Working time: 1.45-2.30 minutes from the start of mixing at 22-24 �C room temperature
Setting time: 3-3.30 minutes after the end of the mixing operation

Finishing / Polishing
Trimming and Contouring: Super-Snap Disks, black and violet, Dura-Green Stones
Finishing: Super-Snap Disks, green, Dura-White Stones
Polishing: Super-Snap Disks, red, Greenies

In the event of saliva contamination after the preparation, the tooth should be treated with HI-TOOTH Cleanser (25% polyacrylic acid).
HI GLAZE is suitable for protecting after cementation.