Luxator instruments

Luxator is a registered trademark owned soley by Directa AB. Directa Luxator Extraction Instruments are designed and developed to preserve bone integrity and aid less traumatic extractions. There are now 18 models of Luxator to choose from - each with its own specific function. Luxator Extraction Instruments may be sterilised in an Autoclave, Dry Heat (max 180 degrees C) or Chemiclave. Directa have designed special containers: Fixus 1 and Fixus 6 to secure Luxator Extraction Instruments during sterilisation or storage and prevent damage to the delicately-edged instruments..

Directa Luxator Extraction Instruments are the prefered method of performing extractions for dentists today.  Bone integrity is preserved and extraction is considerably less traumatic than in traditional extractions.

Luxator Extraction Instruments are a specially designed periodontal ligament knife with a fine tapering blade that compresses the aveolar,  cuts the membrane to enable the dentist to gently ease the tooth from its socket. Each model is discernably different. The extraction operation may be performed with the minimum amount of tissue damage. Healing is therefor quicker and the operation iless distressing for the patient and surgical team alike. Directa Luxator Extraction Instruments are manufactured in four different catagories.