Dental Mobile X Ray Unit

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he Dental X Ray Unit is designed successfully by our company with international advanced level, which is a new type of dental x-ray unit. It must be used in coordination with dental film with intensifying screen. The product is suitable for filming oral cavity x-ray in every hospital, oral cavity outpatient service, private clinic and clinical or teaching usage of relative medical college and research institution.

I. Features of the unit:

1. Filming in coordination with dental film with intensifying screen by making use of 1.5mA X-ray output capacity. Compared with 7mA-10mA dental unit in the world, X-ray radiation dosage has reduced by 92%-98% to protect health of patients.

2. The scattering or leaking x-ray dosage in the air where one meter away from radius of shining center is lower than 4% of defined limited value to protect health of doctors.

3. The clearest image can be acquired by making use of microfocus x-ray tube.

4. Using microcomputer controller, which is very convenient and accurate. Only according to relative standard picture, the best exposure control can be reached.

5. It has infrared remote control and linear control and the direction and anti-interference of infrared remote control are strong.

6. It has flexible and firm suspending arm to adjust ball tube freely to any angle or direction and balance in any position.

1) Suitable for filming oral cavity X-ray
2) Clearest Image
3) With CE/ISO certificated