Beautifil Flow


A fluoride releasing dental flowable restorative material designed to provide optimal flow and handling.

  • Complements Beautifil II to further enhance its applications
  • Two distinct viscosities, Beautifil Flow F02 (Low Flow) and Beautifil Flow F10 (High Flow), maintain the same aesthetics, physical properties, particle size, and filler load
  • Ideal as a base or liner to help prevent caries recurrence
  • Root caries and enamel defects
  • Deciduous dentition
  • Repair of composite or ceramic veneers
  • Operator can select each type depending on the clinical case
  • Low Flow Type is effective to use where paste flows moderately and shape should be retained, such as cervical areas
  • High Flow Type is effective to use where smooth flow is necessary, such as uneven or narrow spaces, and also can be used as a liner