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  • Luxator

    Luxator instruments Luxator is a registered trademark owned soley by Directa AB. Directa Luxator Extraction Instruments are designed and developed to preserve bone integrity and aid less traumatic extractions. There are now 18 models of Luxator to choose from -...

  • Matrices & Restorative

    FenderWedge For protection and separation during tooth preparation. FenderWedge is a combination of a steel plate and a plastic wedge.  Inserted into the inter dental space it provides a protector for the tissue and separates the teeth, simplifying t...

  • Robot FG Diamonds point

    Rated #1 in overall performance by a National Research organization. Robotic manufacturing process distributes precise amounts of natural diamond particles onto a one-piece, stainless steel shank. Made by high technology robots in a computer-automated envi...